We provide commercial and residential sealing solutions extending the life of your exterior and interior concrete and wood surfaces.We specialize in the restoration and preservation of exterior wood structures including: Wood Decks, Fences, Pergolas, Wood Siding and Log Homes.

We specialize in low maintenance deck restoration and preservation as well as permanent concrete sealing with the best state-of-the-art sealants available.

Sealwize of Northern Michigan

SEALWIZE is the Ultimate in Cleaning, Sealing, and Beautifying Wood Decks, Fences, Log Homes, Concrete Driveways, sidewalks,  Patios and More.

Are you tired of cleaning and refinishing your deck every year? 
SEALWIZE simplifies maintence for exterior wood with the latest sealing technology.  Sealwize products extend the life of your wood or concrete surfaces 30x as much as tradtional sealers that only last 1 year.  

Are you dealing with mold and mildew on your wood and Concrete surfaces?  SEALWIZE products resist mold and mildew on its surface finish. 

Let SEALWIZE of Nothern Michigan save you time and energy! 
Our multi-step resortation process along with the latest sealing technology will extend the life of your wood and concrete surfaces by protecting it from the harsh elements of nature, such as bacteria like mold an mildew, the sun, rain, snow and ice.

To learn more about our unique wood sealing solutions check out our website or contact Sealwize of Northern Michigan today and we will help you understand why our technology provides the protection you need!

Our 'Planet-Safe' GREEN products feature long-term protection and the longest warranties in the industry.

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